1. The Customer (the client who has booked the property) will not occupy the premises before 3.00pm of the first day of booking
  2. The Customer will vacate the premises before 10.00am on the last day of booking
  3. The Customer will leave the premises in a clean condition.
  4. The landlord will debit the customer the outstanding balance 4 weeks before the first day of holiday booking.
  5. The landlord will debit the customer the full amount if the booking occurs less than 4 weeks before the start date.
  6. The Customer agrees that if he/she cancels the let, for whatever reason, then the following charges will be made.
    Notice of cancellation prior to arrival
    – Deposit is non refundable.
    – Less than 30 days: full rental price.
  7. You, the customer, agrees that the short let confers no tenancy rights and is a holiday booking as defined by Scots Law.
  8. Although minor breakages , such as a cup, will be considered as normal wear and tear, the Customer agrees and obliges him/herself to pay to the landlord in respect of any loss or damage beyond fair wear and tear.
  9. The Customer will vacate the hired premises without demand at the termination of the period of hire (that is by 10.00 am on the last day of the booking).
  10. Changes of arrival or departure dates may be treated as cancellation and re-booking.
  11. In the event of the landlord cancelling the booking, for whatever reason, all deposits and payments received from the Customer will be refunded in full.
  12. No claim will be made against the landlord in the event of the landlord cancelling the booking.
  13. The Customer undertakes to relieve the landlord from any liability for damage or injury however caused by any member of his/her party.
  14. The landlord accepts no responsibility for loss, injury or damage to any member of the Customer’s party or their property, howsoever caused, arising in any manner out of the let of the premises.
  15. The Customer warrants that the subjects let are to be used for the purposes of a holiday and so accepts that the letting is a holiday let to which Section 12(2) and paragraph 8 of Schedule 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 apply, namely, “a tenancy the purpose of which is to confer on the tenant the right to occupy the house for a holiday.”