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Where to eat in Edinburgh

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Mr Purves Lighting Emporium

This diminutive shop (directly below the St Stephen St Apartment) specializes in vintage lighting fixtures as well as a repair service and opens only once a week (a Saturday). With oil lamps and paraphernalia spanning several decades, customers are sure to get a little bit of history along with their purchase. Mr Purves Lighting Emporium is probably best known for its vast array of decorative antique oil lamps and just a touch of eccentricity!!…

Aqimming baths in Stockbridge in Edinburgh

Glenogle Baths restored to their Victorian splendour!

Tucked away between Canonmills and Stockbridge, on Glenogle Road, these baths are something of a rare breed – a hark back to Victorian baths, but with a modern twist – only two doors away from the Saxe Coburg apartment – all you need is a towelling robe!

stockmarket shops

Soft brie, creamy blues, oatcakes and apples

“No self respecting Restuarant gets away with anything less than a selection equal to Ian Mellis cheeses” Judges Special Award, The List

The Stockbridge Restaurant entrance

Velvet Underground and fairy lights!

From the moment you descend into the decadent grotto that is The Stockbridge Restaurant you know you’re in for a treat